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Founded by Goldman Sachs alumni with $10bn+ in experience, mogul offers investment into institutionally vetted single family rental properties. The platform was founded by real estate investors for real estate investors. mogul and The Players Company are jointly offering a real estate fund, this is not an investment into mogul the company.

The Fund Overview

Invest in high quality, residential assets throughout the US

mogul & The Players Company are raising $5mm to purchase single-family real estate throughout the US. The investors in the fund will receive dividends from rental income on a monthly basis, appreciation in real time as the platform revalues each property, and tax benefits directly to their account at the end of the year. The annualized return from cash flow & appreciation is 18.8% on mogul's platform today.

The Investment Thesis

We target an 18% annualized return from Single Family Rentals in high growth markets

We focus on high-growth, suburban submarkets in rapidly expanding secondary markets across the U.S. to generate favorable, risk-adjusted returns for our investors; Strong emphasis on price-rent dislocation in the Sunbelt Region

Market 5 year % Rent Increase 5 year % Value Increase
Charlotte, NC +49.7% +62.6%
Atlanta, GA +46.2% +46.6%
Nashville, TN +44.7% +61.0%
Birmingham, AL +44.4% +97.4%
Houston, TX +16.6% +60.1%
Dallas, TX +13.5% +33.0%
Yucaipa, CA +9.5% +51.8%
Average +32.1% +58.9%

The Supply Pipeline

mogul offers the Players Company members exclusive access to mogul's premium proprietary pipeline

Through our network of brokers, operators, and property management partners, we maintain a revolving pipeline of up to $5mm of high-performing assets that can be capitalized on within days, and a near-term pipeline of anywhere between $20mm-$100mm. These properties include business plans: long-term rentals, short-term / vacation rentals, and mogul’s modified sale-leasebacks

The Fund's Status

The fund anticipates paying first dividends June 2024

Our Investors & Advisors
Recent Case Studies

2 of our most recent properties returned 98% and 32%

Our most recent case studies demonstrate the mogul platform's ability to consistently outperform traditional investment strategies.

The Bowser

Overview: Located in Dallas, Texas, the Bowser exemplifies luxurious living, featuring en-suite guest rooms, a master suite with a jacuzzi, and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of downtown

Remarkable Growth: In a mere two years, the Bowser’s value surged to $700,000. That's a remarkable 34% increase, outpacing market norms and showcasing our promise of providing our investors with only the best of the best

Smart Financing: We locked in a 2.625% APR mortgage, a move that significantly boosted returns, especially in a time when rates were climbing above 8%

The Roman

Overview: Located in the carefully designed community of Summerwood in Houston, Texas, this retreat boasts a swimming pool and spa, promising a blend of comfort and luxury

31.2% APY: The property's first month of distributions have the Roman on pace for a record-setting 31.2% APY. The Roman enjoyed a sensational return of 2.6% monthly cash-on-cash in its first month of operations. During what is traditionally a slow month for rentals, the Roman has smashed all expectations and is on track for an incredible year

Value Creation: The property was purchase at a 4% discount to appraisal value, leading to value creation day 1


How it works

mogul is the first platform made by real estate investors, for real estate investors that offers pure investment into single family rental properties. Build a diversified portfolio of institutionally vetted properties curated by our research team.

Alex Blackwood

Alex Blackwood

Co-founder & CEO

Joey Gumataotao

Joey Gumataotao

Co-founder & COO

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Invest in high quality, residential assets.



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