By Players, for the people


The Players Company is a collective of over 500 professional athletes and accredited investors, dedicated to empowering individuals through financial education and exclusive investment opportunities. Our mission is to equip our members with the tools they need to build and maintain their wealth.

who we are

We are athletes, investors, and leaders. We are the voices and people behind some of the biggest brands and sports franchises in the country. We believe the best futures are built on smart moves in the present.

Bob Iger


Advisor to The Players Company

Richard Sherman


Former NFL Cornerback (Super Bowl Champ, 5x Pro Bowl)

Tom Zheng, Ph.D.C, MS

Co-CEO & President

Sports scientist and Former 49er


We have a track record of bringing top-quality syndicate investment deals to our community.

Investment Platform

The highest up-side investment opportunities have long been reserved for Silicon Valley funds and the top 1% of the 1%.

We've partnered with award-winning venture funds and top investors to bring our community access to these types of deals. And centered our platform not just around this access, but also on educating members to be self-reliant builders of generational wealth and legacy.


TPC members not only gain access to an incredible community of professional athletes, accredited investors, visionaries, and more, but they also benefit from a variety of additional members-only perks.

From invites to exclusive member & investor events like at the Super Bowl, GRAMMYs, and more to VIP treatment from participating partners, our growing community is one that many are eager to join.

Education Tools

Financial Education Courses and resources from industry experts on personal finance, investing, starting your own business, and more. 

We will be launching a cohort-style learning experience later this year with fun, engaging, short-form lessons that make educating and elevating together enjoyable.

Investment Dashboard

We’ve digitized next-gen investing, enabling our members and their teams to review investment opportunity materials (e.g., pitch decks and more), deal terms, and invest directly & compliantly through our platform.

As we evolve, members will be able to track their portfolio of TPC investments, get important updates, and even submit opportunities for review from our due diligence committee.