By Players, for the people


The Players Company is a collective of over 500 professional athletes and accredited investors, dedicated to empowering individuals through financial education and exclusive investment opportunities. Our mission is to equip our members with the tools they need to build and maintain their wealth.

who we are

We are athletes, we are investors, we are entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help our communities build wealth & cement their legacies.

Sheldon Day

Active NFL Pro & Financial Literacy Advocate

Founder & President

Richard Sherman

Former NFL Cornerback (Super Bowl Champ, 5x Pro Bowl)

Founder & Chairman

Tom Zheng, Ph.D.C, MS

Sports scientist and Former 49er

Co-Founder & CEO

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We have a track record of bringing top-quality syndicate investment deals to our community.

Our Platform

We're committed to education & empowerment, offering financial education courses, resources on personal finance, exclusive investment opportunities, and entrepreneurship.


TPC membership opens doors to an expansive network of professional athletes, seasoned investors, and forward-thinking leaders.

Exclusive privileges await our members, including invitations to elite events and gatherings along with VIP experiences courtesy of our partner network.

Education Tools

Financial education courses and resources, crafted by top industry experts covering personal finance, investment strategies, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

Experience gamified learning to simplify complex concepts and foster collective growth and understanding.

Investment Dashboard

We've revolutionized investing for the modern era, granting our members and their advisors the power to effortlessly sift through investment opportunities. 

Our tech enabled investment dashboard delivers a comprehensive set of tools to simplify the investment process and has been specifically engineered for opportunity assessment, investment execution, and managing portfolios, all while prioritizing compliance.