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Our community has pioneered a platform for everyone to learn, earn and build wealth together. 

300+ Athletes

From 22 Professional Teams

Across 5 Sports Leagues

20+ Corporate Partners

The Players Company (TPC)

leverages the collective power of our community for access to business development, financial education and mentorship opportunities. TPC acts as the nucleus of a diverse network of members, corporations and service providers dedicated to helping everyone build generational wealth.

Our Team

We are committed to empowering the world through access, education and community. At the core, our mission is to help our communities build wealth and cement their legacies. Through our work, and with an uncompromising dedication to transparency, we are building a system that works for the people, putting our members in the driver’s seat of their financial futures.

Amir is Co-Founder and CEO. He likes sports, nature, family and soul food!

Sheldon Day is Co-Founder, Chief Community Officer and Call of Duty expert. (Self Proclaimed)

Richard Sherman is Co-Founder and Chairman, he loves family and plays football in his free time. 

Sophia G., MLS. provides administrative support, focusing on client on-boarding and compliance. She likes to play golf and sing karaoke on Thursday nights. 

Samira Jackson, Esq. is In-House Counsel. She is from Silver Spring, MD and loves the beach, playing soccer, and eating sushi!

Nini W., CPA. handles strategy and operations. She loves her dog and watching football on Sundays. She once beat Sheldon in a 2 yard race!

Will Fuller is the Director of Player Outreach. He enjoys training his dogs, Pilates, and drinks his water only from green glass bottles.

Darnell Smith is Creative Director, leading the TPC digital content strategy. He lifts weights and eats healthy. Can’t you tell?

Samantha Colbert-Neal is a technical intern. When she isn't programming, she is horseback riding or doing yoga.

Joe Blau is a superstar engineer, specializing in IOS development. He gives advice like a boss and rides his bike for 100 miles per week.

Brennan Scarlett, MS&E. leads business development and strategic partnerships. He’s a big brother, an avid reader, a creative, a coffee lover, a talented thrifter, a plant lover and a budding horticulturist. 

Rich, CFA. handles internal financial processes and deal sourcing. He is a world traveler & an avid crypto lover. 

Mav Carter is an advisor.

Bob Iger is an advisor. 

Dave Finnocchio is an advisor. 

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